The three women smiled.

The spider spun her delicate web in the garden.

The stake that sticks out gets hammered down.

Their job is to fell the dead trees.

I can't emphasize it enough.

I am just checking the rooms.

I'm opposed to any type of war.

Could you just hurry?

Derek certainly has a pension.

You are sharp.

What's stopping you from doing a study?

I just wish it were easier to do.

I sure miss my friends.

You can't be happy all the time.

Can you arrange a meeting with the vice president?

Isn't that your nail-biting son?

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We have some unfinished business.


This differential equation can be easily solved by Laplace transform.

We can get a glimpse of the lifestyle of ancient people from this wall painting.

We've made it.

Herman almost always wears a hat.

I said we'll get one.

They are visiting relatives.

I've studied Japanese for five years.

I don't particularly want to be here at all.

Jess revealed his secret to us.

What's so important?

I can't explain it any other way.


My dog has got a Danish passport.


Why wouldn't you let me go to Boston?

Personal computers are of great use.

She has been single for a while.


I met him by accident at the airport yesterday.

Do you always greet people that way?

I never counted on his being rich.

Keep them happy.

Then clean it really well.


Her house is at the foot of the mountain.

I don't want to change it.

It's still unclear to many, especially to those who half destroyed it and surrendered it to Iran, whether Iraq should be pronounced e-rack or aye-rack. But, after all, is it necessary to know how to pronounce a country's name before whacking it ?

Whenever possible, you should consult experts.

I haven't seen you for ages.

I worry about her too.

It is not the strongest of the species that survive, not the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change.


You told me to give it to Greg.

We should consider a combined effort.

I'm practically already an adult.

Our top priority is to settle this dispute once and for all, so we are ready to meet them halfway.

Did Pete say how the weather was in Boston?

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Just by looking at your face, I know that you have good news.


I told Shamim the truth.

Of course, you're correct.

He and I often chat on the bus.

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He regretted his misdeeds.

She led the old woman to the church by the hand.

It is not enough to do good; one must also do it well.

I made a paper plane.

My brother wants to go to the moon some day.

Per died in a tragic accident.

You are old enough to know better.

Unless you turn the radio off, I will go mad.

Some people like anger, because they think it suppresses their sexual impulse. Often, it's just the opposite.

He was beside himself on her account.

I do not like anyone to intrude when I am working.

I'm not bothering you?

That's a secret.

That would be inappropriate.

Don't wait.

I want to go to Boston.

Their job is to calculate salaries.

She was not less beautiful than her elder sister.

I am much concerned about your health.

Milner accused Hilda of putting something in his drink.

When one door closes, open another one.


She goes to the library every other day.

He knows how to buy used cars.

No longer pipe, no longer dance.

The only thing that's certain is uncertainty.

Mysore told me what was happening.

I came to talk to you about Jurevis.

Elias isn't as patient as I am.

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The colonnade of the basilica of Saint Peter is truly grand and beautiful.

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Markus quit his job last week.

I'm taking it to Thierry.

He was a friend of mine.

We're going to need it.

I'm not sitting here.


Switzerland is called "Svizra" in Romansh.

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May I make a suggestion about it?

Ritchey ignored all my warnings.

You finished all of the exams.

I'm a German native speaker, and I'm looking for a tandem partner for German-French language exchange.

Dan's children were asleep upstairs.

Do you think it will be nice out tomorrow?

Mr. Sato practices archery on weekends.

Don't be silly.

You can't run away from us.

I was afraid something like this would happen.

Today was a wonderful day, and tomorrow will be too.

Do you like your teachers?

Right at that instant, the bus stopped.

She has always repeated that she is innocent.

Is Himawan still working for you?

This dress suits you well.

We think it's a good idea.


When will you go out?

If you don't understand a question, just say so.

There is some truth to this.

Vadim is a common name.

Eat the soup before it gets cold.

She dried her eyes.

I want you to promise me something.

He admitted that he was guilty.

You should just talk to me.

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I was tied up until very late getting some things in order.

For monotheists, there only exists one God.

Be nice to your kids.

Omar is a very beautiful and interesting woman.

Meeks turned back to Gideon.

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Karen doesn't pay any attention to Sandip.

Stephanie was surprised how well Elliott could draw.

A few minutes' walk brought me to the shore.

He's nervous due to impatience.

Is it proper to enter a mosque wearing dirty socks?


I haven't seen Charlene in a long time.

This theory was founded on a scientific basis.

Such people are few in number.


Ninja and Space aren't hungry.

He advised me on my study.

It's true hard work never killed anybody, but why take the chance?

He tends to tell lies.

I understand that a mistake has been made.


They attend every class.

The accident held up traffic.

I'm not satisfied.

I wonder if Mr. Oka will teach English.

We talked about all kinds of things.


Ramneek will trust you.

I love Christmas.

That's a simple matter.

I'll explain it later.

Let's leave these bitter fools alone!

I'll need some tools.

Let's not wait for Hiroyuki any longer.


He is slowly recovering from his illness.


Get her off my hands.

You've ruined the best chance we had to get rid of Laurent.

Can you be quiet?

Arlene wouldn't let us in.

They were a bit embarrassed.

1980 is the year I was born.

In many countries it is normal for all television programmes to have subtitles.

Although fatalities tend to be rare, many people died as a result of volcanic eruptions during the last quarter century.

Will they play together again?

We can go there without having to inform them.

Panzer's researched his family history and intends to send a detailed family tree to all of his relatives.

To visit my friend.

I could not catch as many fish as I had expected.


Are you feeling better now?

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Raman's job was outsourced to China.

The man said something to the driver in a weak voice.

You are surrounded.

I could not make myself understood in English.

Why not ask them?

As a dad, it's kind of exciting to see that your son follows what you believe in so strongly.

Someone's eating.


He had a child even though he wasn't married.

There is no doubt that he was murdered.

The sun was on the point of rising in the east.


You're making progress.

What's it going to take to convince you?

He is likely to have a book and a cracker at his meals--and then forget to eat the cracker!