Do as I asked.

I'm off cigarettes for good.


There were too many of them.

I'm sorry, I don't know what to say.

The train should arrive at Osaka by ten.

That's what I wanted to know.

Your friend is very lucky.

Herve told me I needed to take better care of myself.

I'm sorry for not replying to your letter earlier.

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We now have a whole new set of problems.

She looked around the room.

Sehyo used to work nights.

Rudolph has confidence in his own ability.

I'm sure that Srivatsan will get the job.

When he heard the news, he was dumbfounded.

You're stuck.


Glynn is wearing a sombrero.

Half of the apple was rotten.

I am an American student.

Magicians use the art of illusion.

I had Andy drive me to work.

You are right to a certain extent.

Shaw is qualified for this job.

My battery died.

We're wasting a lot of time.


Jupiter's atmosphere is thought to be composed of hydrogen, helium, sulfur, and nitrogen. Clouds in the atmosphere move in alternating bands from east to west or west to east.

You're not actually threatening me, are you?

Could you turn off the radio?

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My new job starts Monday.

You're just a kid.

Sabrina was assaulted.


Andrew has three older brothers.

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I like the arrangement of the furniture in this room.

I think that the train will be here soon.

We were eating lunch together.

I miss your jokes.

I don't like spiders.

You must sell it.

Unfortunately, the plan backfired.

You can meet me tonight.

She got a new pair of glasses.

The graduation ceremony took place on the morning of the first of March.

She did me the courtesy of answering my letter.


Where are they going to?

My wife is trying to sleep.

Lenny picked up the dice and threw them.

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I think about it every day.

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I'm opposed to what he said.

His condition is, if anything, better than yesterday.

Germany decided to not use any more nuclear energy.


There is nothing done.


Don't talk to her like that.

It's always disappointing when you lose a match on penalties.

That was a complete misunderstanding.

Are you calling me stupid?

We derive a great deal of pleasure from watching baseball games.

Revised is way out of my league.

The fine day added to the pleasure of the picnic.

This is the best news we've heard so far.

I got him to stop smoking.

We took a turn around the city in our car.

Anatoly was impressed by Reinhard's cooking.

Rafik is in the same hospital as Claude.

I know exactly what you were going to do.

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Edgar had to stay in the hospital for three weeks.


Can I see you for a moment?


Benson almost forgot his umbrella.

There was a deer walking through the meadow.

We got the news.

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This road is under repair.

Isn't it a pity that Sedat and Nikolai can't get along with each other?

Some believe that school chaplains shouldn't receive public funding.

The ship took on additional passengers.

I was at a loss what to do next.


Meehan ran to school.

It's because of you that we were able to complete this job on time.

Does anybody want these?


Last night I wrote a letter.


It is an exciting time of the year.

Life? Don't tell me about life.

Let's hope it goes well tonight.

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Study the student more.

I want you to remember, my brothers, what happened to our ancestors.

What do you suggest I do then?

Milo is secretly in love with Rusty.

Every client has rights.


The window is closed.

Actually, you didn't make one, but two mistakes.

It's the voice of an old woman.

Srinivas is always late for school.

I'll go tell her the good news.

A widow is a woman whose spouse has died.

She had to withdraw her son from the club.

You really are insane, aren't you?

Weather control made sure that it rained just once a week.


It's not good to read in a dark room.

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But your mother is going too.

I wonder what Claude plans to do tomorrow.

Lex wants to talk to you privately.


He will always be with you.

He is not an American, but he loves America.

Price is working in his office.

I will study abroad when I have finished school.

She forgave him.


Jan couldn't shake the feeling that there was something wrong.


It wasn't really very difficult.

You both chop wood every day, don't you?

Does Betty's son know that his mother is a serial killer?

We drove along the coast.

Someone coughed.


It's just a theory.

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Pratapwant didn't say anything to Takayuki.

He couldn't bear the heat.

I have two exposures left on this film.

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Did you love me?

We can make this work.

What were they waiting for?


I knew we should've done that.


I think, keeping promises is important.

Paula doesn't know where it came from.

In some attempts, it is glorious even to fail.

Do you really think you can learn to speak French fluently in three months?

I'll keep you advised.

Dan turned off the music.

Darin told us what to do in French.

Why do you need such a big house?

He did well in school.

What was I gonna say?

I love art and quiet evenings at home.


Not here!

Is the park open to the public?

Slartibartfast made me his assistant.

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It feels strange.

Tell me it isn't true.

We're all unemployed.

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Where else would I go?


She gave him a piece of paper.

Give me an accurate report of what happened.

I don't drink much beer.

Have you picked out a name yet for the baby?

She has very long and beautiful hair.


I've got a lot of talent.

Tharen is trying not to yawn.

I think Raanan is attentive.

I'm sick of it.

Thank you for doing this, Charley.


I'll find her for you.

Have you ever met him?

I can't see this picture without thinking of my mother.

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She gave considerable thought to what to do with the money.

A crowd waited to see him.

Jesse motioned for me to enter.


Jerald was convicted of first-degree murder.

In that respect, I agree with you completely.

He ran on and on, until he was completely exhausted.

You should think before you begin to speak.

There's a mitigation in the translation.

Everyone ate breakfast in the kitchen.

I'll never forget the sound the crash made.

She sprained both of her wrists in the fall.

He is rich. He doesn't need any money!