You're lucky you didn't die.

Do you want bread with cheese or bread with honey?

Maybe Terry doesn't want us to find Sehyo.

Pontus thinks this is a mistake.

Neil speaks French fluently.


I spoke to her this morning.

She paid no attention to him.

Did that make them mad?

He is himself an aboriginal and a successful businessman.

What's the worst-case scenario?

Dewey said he wanted to go to Boston.

He seems like quite a find.

I've heard of pseudomyopia, but I never thought my own child would come to have it.

Corn pancakes are part of traditional peasant cuisine.

I don't know what I've been so afraid of.

She has a fertile imagination.

I was bored and lonely.

You seem excited.

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My sister pulled my hair.

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It must be this way.

They look American.

I don't own a suit.

Good morning, how are you doing?

Sleep is to a man what winding up is to a clock.

I'm looking forward to working with you.

Why don't we ask him to help?

A woman is taking down some notes on a pad of paper.

I thought I told you to clean your room.

My mother tongue is Spanish.

She ripped her dress on a branch.

I'll have you home in time for dinner.

Jussi began fixing himself a drink.


No one wants to speak.

Tell us what you're thinking.

Do not hesitate to celebrate your defeat... as long as you're the winner's guest.


I'd rather go to the zoo than to a museum.


Nobody can deny the fact that the world economy is centered around the economy of the United States.

I haven't exactly been prudent.

Oleg wondered whether Jeannie regretted what she'd done.

Do you understand Hungarian?

Don't ever do that kind of thing again.

The word comes from Greek.

I'll give you anything you want within reason.

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We've got the house surrounded.

I didn't even notice that.

Your information is incorrect.

Have you ever wanted to make a comment, but posted it as a translation by mistake?

Just because a mother happens to be beautiful it does not necessarily follow that her daughter will grow up to be the same.

We totally forgot about lunch.

Could you give Shankar a minute?

How about your father?

Life is good, isn't it?


You have to have an audition before you can join the choir.


The hydrangea blooms in June.

Maybe she knows the answer.

I have everything I wanted.


I'm asking for your advice: what should we do in this situation?

There were no fingerprints on the knife.

He's got charisma.


There's obviously been a mistake.

Did Marika have penfriends from Japan?

What are your ideas on the subject?

Have you ever inflated a balloon as big as this one?

You should think about your future.

I feel really tired.

He's like an eel.

That's why I told you not to go alone.

I had a terrible experience.

I tried to make myself understood, but in vain.

I want to practice basketball with him.

I want to be your ally, not your enemy.

Lucius said he was ready to talk.

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In case of an emergency, contact the police.

The lady looked sad, also tired.

I told him a few jokes.

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That problem isn't important.

Dimetry isn't feeling at all well.

And every day the boy would come and he would gather her leaves and make them into crowns and play king of the forest.

Pinocchio, apologize for that, or look out!

Elric dusted himself off.

Our baby is not yet articulate.

She kicked him.

We found the beds quite comfortable.

I'm sorry to be so late. The meeting completely slipped my mind.

That's nothing but a lie!

You kind of are on her turf.

We must not retreat.

All things hidden will be seen.


They want Van.

Can I have another bagel?

Do you know how to contact them?

Tomas wondered where Price was and what she was doing.

It must have been an accident.

She did not agree to the proposal.

I'm afraid I might say something stupid.


Don't be a pig.

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How did she feel yesterday?

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The road was blocked.

This is going to cost thirty euros.

Come on, try again.

Everything's in order here.

What's the productivity per person?


As a courtesy, Tolerant ran the first draft of his speech past his boss.

It's hard to tell whether Konstantinos dyes his hair or not.

She said, "I owe it to him that I am popular."


Niall and Vick stared at each other for several seconds.

The bones remained frozen in the ice.

How could you miss that?

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Only your blunt remarks are worth reading.

Jiri told me that he wanted to go to Boston.

Keep focused.

Did you or did you not accept the bribe?

Mac turned off the boiling kettle.

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Something is definitely missing.

Write your name in pencil.

How did you write your name in Arabic?

What did he think of, when saying that?

We haven't had much snow this winter.

It is bonkers to go out in this weather.

It looks like Rafael has lost a button off his shirt.

Everyone is concerned and worried.

I wasn't able to believe him at first.

Is the door open?

There is in all men a demand for the superlative, so much so that the poor devil who has no other way of reaching it attains it by getting drunk.

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Bjorne won't listen to her friend's advice.


Do you usually talk to Franklin in French?

There's no reason to panic.

Did King see this?


The parents want to give their son the best education.


All her imaginary happiness vanished in a moment.

Did you know Myrick was in Boston?

Lucius heated up some leftovers for dinner.

Are you a locavore?

Don't start panicking.

We did our homework.

The rescuers searched the surroundings in hopes of finding the child.

I heard Ed's car drive up, but he hasn't come in yet.

Ruth has contributed a lot of money to this hospital.


Sonny eats brown rice more often than white rice.

The explorers made their way through the jungle.

Can you let me have it for thirty dollars?

Sedat clearly doesn't understand what we're talking about.

Don't multi-post, idiot.

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He is entirely ignorant of the world.

Ed didn't want to go to the party, but ended up having a ball.


Only part of the building has been destroyed by the earthquake.

I don't know the word "impossible".

He turns off the lights so as not to waste electricity.

We will be six.


At this time, I am reading an action novel.


He had no luck in finding work.

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A lot of work has been done, more needs to be done.

I'm sorry to waste your time.

I can't go without my dog.


My brother is a high school student.

She had to rely upon her inner strength.

She wanted to understand.

Vinod was my cellmate.

I'm going to study English this afternoon.

You must return immediately.

Please wait around for a while.


Don't you want to sit in the front, Sigurd?

Critics may argue that all the foregoing characterizations are very abstract.

I thought I was never going to see Roderick again.


Kyle made us do our homework before dinner.